Lion Consulting Group does not only do the white label sales and marketing work that would take multiple employees to complete for you, but we can act as an Interim CEO, C Level Sales or Executive, Business Development, and Marketing on a temporary or full-time basis. We can also work with your existing staff to boost productivity and sales. A sales coach can boost the efficiency of your employees and change the way your business works for the better. Our sales coaching and sales training (conducted by our expert sales coach) will completely remodel the way your employees work and boost productivity to an all-time high. From new sales strategies to training on how to better close sales, our sales training and sales coaching from our sales coach can greatly assist you and your employees.

C Level Executive Leadership

Whether you’re a small mom and pop company or a global company we can fill your needs. The Lion Consulting Group has seasoned, highly-trained, and qualified CEO’s, C Level Executives, Sales Managers and business development staff. Our experienced group can fill in on a part or full-time basis and help you find the right candidate for the job and train them.

Lion Consulting Group does not just offer sales coaching and sales training, but we also offer social media management. We understand how useful social media can be to a business. We also understand how time-consuming it can be to run multiple platforms of social media. This is why we offer to do the work for you.

Sales Coaching & Training

If you’re looking to train your existing staff to get 10-40% more sales, The Lion Consulting Group can help. We specialize in sales coaching and training and can get your existing team closing more deals. Our service-oriented group of professionals can come to you, or train online depending on your preference. Best of all, our program can be used to increase not only sales but overall productivity.

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