When you hire salespeople, you are not just looking for a sales team to make cold calls or write emails for you. A sales hire should be prepared to offer inventive, quick-witted thinking to your business in order to quickly close a deal. Sales hires need to be able to generate leads with a sales strategy that they can assist their team with. Gaining clients is all about a sales strategy. If you hire a sales team that works well together, this strategy should be unbeatable.

Not Closing Enough Deals?

The Lion Consulting Group is here for you when you need to hire salespeople. The average annual turnover for a sales team is nearly 27%. This means that 3 out of 10 salespeople will leave your company per year. When you hire a sales team with The Lion Consulting Group, you are securing an elite sales team. We provide you with access to an unbeatable deal closer and an articulate value proposition. A sales hire with us will give you insight into our sales strategies and teamwork. We plan on sticking around as long as you require our services. Leaving is not an option, as we are committed to you.

Struggling Against Competitors?

Do you feel that your company is struggling against competitors? Our sales team will study your competitors, what they offer, their numbers, their sales strategies and more. What are they doing that we could do better? How can we generate more leads? Hire salespeople with The Lion Consulting Group, and you will find out the answers to these questions.

We are devoted to quickly closing the deal with each client we connect your business to. Our experts have a honed system of locating clients by accessing their needs and the services your company offers. We set up meetings with potential clients and work hard to close the deal. When you choose to hire a sales team with The Lion Consulting Group, you are hiring an elite team that is well versed in closing deals.

Ready to Close More Deals?

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