Our Intent

The main intent of The Lion Consulting Group is to provide you with expert white label marketing and sales consultants, no matter the size of your company. From humble rural businesses to global companies, our sales team is here to boost the efficiency and sales of your business. At The Lion Consulting Group, we understand how much effort, devotion, and time goes into a business. Instead of worrying if your employees or new hires are doing the work you have given them, you can rely on us for all of your white label sales, marketing, etc. Our marketing and sales consultants treat each company we assist as though it were our own.

Our Marketing & Sales Team

The Lion Consulting Group’s marketing and sales team consists of experts from every industry in the world of business. We aim to equip, strategize, grow, and carry out a well-tailored plan that will bring your business the results you are looking for. With the help of our tier system, we can stabilize your company’s revenue and help it grow. Our four tiers will focus on connections, deal closing, sea level executives/sales coaching, and marketing. Your company will experience an increase in reach to targeted markets and control over increased revenue.

Our Results

The results that our sales team offers are real and long-lasting. With our assistance, our clients’ companies have experienced an increase in revenue from 10% to 70%. The Lion Consulting Group does not just lift your business and leave you to your own devices. Our sales training will equip you for the future without our assistance. This sales training will stabilize the foundation we’ve built to support your company.

Our Tier System

With our tier system and custom plans, your company can experience a great boost in income. The Lion Consulting Group is devoted to helping businesses succeed. Instead of relying on multiple employees to get certain jobs one, you can trust us to encompass multiple jobs. We aim to be there each step of the way towards the success of your business. Our sales consultants take your vision to heart and keep it in mind with each action or suggestion we make. Choosing The Lion Consulting Group is choosing a better future for your business.

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