Who We Serve

The Lion Consulting Group aims to help small businesses and global companies take their vision to the next level. Our team will create strategies along with your staff to help you boost your business’ profit.
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Our experts at The Lion Consulting will help your organization make the most of your fundraising efforts, and finding your ideal clients. While you most likely have an amazing team, our group of professionals provides the skills and expertise you need to achieve your mission.
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After reviewing your digital assets and performing an online analysis, we offer marketing strategy, full digital branding creation, and digital marketing management. Our team are experts in social media management and advertisements/lead generation.
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We focus on connecting you to new clients. We will confirm that they are in need of your services and then coordinate a meeting with them. We will assist you in accelerating your deal closing, articulate value proposition, and study your competitors. Most importantly, we will close the deal with your lead.
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When utilizing our advisory program, we will work with your current organization as experienced advisors to improve your performance and fulfill your desired mission. We will spend utilizing our advisory program that equips leaders to be servant leaders and gives them dedicated mentorship time on a weekly and biweekly, but Annual basis. We offer one-on-one training, as well as group development. Our team facilitates interim positions encompassing all executive strata’s including VP Sales, Sales Manager, CEO, and/or Marketing Manager temporarily or permanently to fill all of your needs.
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You Need Sales, and We’re Sales Consulting Experts

The Lion Consulting Group was created to assist companies of all sizes, from small businesses to global companies. When you work with us, we take your vision and work hard to make it a reality. We treat your company as though it were our own. Our team strategizes, develops, and executes a tailored plan. With our help, you will see a huge increase in revenue and qualified clients.

Our Cause

We feel that our purpose is bigger than anything else. As children, my wife and I separately had visions from God. It was that one day we would start a mega orphanage. It would be place where children would have a family environment that taught them how to function as a family, find an apprenticeship, and find their God-given talents. We are now making that vision a reality.

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